Season 2, Episode 210
Air date June 12, 2011
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Vacation is the tenth and last episode of season two.


Plot (overview)Edit

The Warden wakes everyone (Superjail staff and covicts) very early in the morning announcing a vacation onto his newly made "jailboat",a floating boat to take all the prisoners to one of the many skylands or floating islands. Upon the questions of where they will be going, The Warden claims that the area is a skyland that has islands for just about everything, including fire(referring to Ash), antiquing (Jean Baptiste Le Ghei), and arragh arragh arragh(Jacknife trying to speak). They run into a cloud sky god who is angry at Superjail for traveling in his domain. He electrocutes Jailbot, which causes him to shut down. The god then attacks Jailboat, and sends it and all of its occupants in the middle of the sky. Meanwhile Stingray decides to take over jailboat and heads to Ziggurat Island which has an "X" on it, telling the other inmates that it says Ciggarette Island. Upon arriving the inmates travel through a temple filled with gold looking snake dragon eggs. Back on jailboat after getting untied The Warden, and Jared call Charice for help, a few seconds into the conversation of Jared's explanation The Mistriss barges in and laughs in their faces for them asking for her help. Then they go to save the inmates from the dragons with the few bullets they had left. After a few minutes an Amazon group of women take them in as prisioners and exposing them infront of their newly found queen Alice. Which in turn Jared exposes Alice by ripping off her covering. In the end they get tied up, Alice saves them and they float back to Superjail. After 2 months on the water they get out only to learn The Mistress has overtaken Superjail.


  • It is revealed that Jared is still in contact with Charice.
  • It is officially revealed that Alice is a pre-op transsexual
  • Sometime during the two months they were gone, The Mistress took over SuperJail
  • The Mistress' soldiers look just like The Future Warden's soldiers, except based on her appearance
  • The Doctor reveals he was in WWII, suggested he was on the Nazi side, even calling the Warden "Herr Warden" just after.


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