Time-Police Part 1
Season 1, Episode 108
Air date November 30, 2008
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Time-Police Part 1 is the ninth episode of season 1 and the first of the two part season final.



Jared is explaining the recent torture mechanisms of Superjail to the Warden which, according to him, Jared even makes this sound boring. After watching the latest scientific breakthroughs, including the twisted experimentations by the doctor, they notice Superjail is overcrowded. Hearing Jared remark on a fast food chain, the Warden is inspired to expand Superjail into a large franchise, to allow for more inmates to be properly imprisoned. This prompts the Time Police to intervene, and teleport him to a strange, otherworldly court, where he must stand trial for crimes he has yet to commit, leaving the Warden's employees confused. During his trial, the Warden needs to use the restroom (which prove to be particularly unsettling) meanwhile, the Superjail staff learn that since the Warden is gone from Superjail, full shutdown is required. After he has used the restroom, The Warden attempts to escape, unsuccesfully. He finds himself back in court. He is found guilty of declaring global war, which seems to result in Superjail succeeding. His penalty appears to be imprisonment in a darkened realm, inside a very small jail cell, and the Superjail staff are forced to look for a new job, after being launched out of the securely locked Superjail.


The Wardens Soldiers have a strong resemblence to the Helghast soliders from the video game Killzone.