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Role Time-Police
Gender Unknown
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In episode(s) Time-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2, Oedipus Mess

Time-Police Edit

In force better outcome every time Never can we have a duplicate event


Crazy, Music-loving police. They have complete control over both specific time (IE- turning a fleeing Warden older and older until he turns into a skeleton, and then into dust; and then turning him back in time to the live Warden) and broad, inspecific time. They also appear to have some strange connection to the bizzare purple, gooey flying things that inhabit the Time Jail, as seen when all the past/future anomolies start to fight, and one of the Time Police uses his hand-held timemachine to summon the creatures down to him, and "fuse" with his body.

Two of them return in "Oedipus Mess", chasing the two Jacknife clones abducted by The Twins through a space mall. After they couldnt catch them, they release the Security Orb , a giant floating electric ball to catch them.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

The Warden- They abduct/arrest The Warden in order to prevent his future domination of the world, despite the fact The Warden hasn't actually done anything yet. They argue and bicker with each other over lyrics to their songs, something that The Warden is able to use to his advantage when he steals one of their handheld time-machines during one of their fights.

Time Court Judge- Serve under the judge, apprehending future-convicts.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey! Wait! You cannot escape! Never run away from the Time-Police, you will not survive!"
  • "We've got a couple of bad dudes! Release the security orb!"


  • The Time Police are somewhat a parody of pose crazy teams such as the Ginyu Force, Super Sentai and the Power Rangers. 
  • The Time Police's uniforms are somewhat reminiscent of those of the Sandmen seen in the Logan's Run (1976 film) universe. 

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