An unknown variable of time into the future, The Warden made Superjail a franchise, lost his mind, and waged war against the whole world. After killing the remaining world leaders, he was left solely in charge, where he created a fascist-like government.


During the time between when the Warden first decided to make Superjail a franchise, and when the viewer first sees this version of him, he had waged a war, which could have possibly been what drove him to insanity. He showed no remorse for making innocent people suffer; it even went as far as when he complimented Jared for shooting a woman who was trying to protect her baby.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Jared- They get along very well, and seem to be more like partners in contrast to their present selves, though Future Jared still takes care of finances.
  • President- Both of them are engaging each other in war. In The White House, he was forced by Future Warden to sign a peace treaty. As he was about to sign, his pen turned into a knife, and he attacked the Warden, yelling "die, you madman!". He, along with the other leaders of the world, was disintegrated by JailbotX. 
  • JailbotX- JailbotX serves Future Warden during the war and was even loved, when killing the president and the other world leaders.  


  • The government system that he had was very similar to that of a Nazi like dictatorship and he even had concentration camps to go along with it.
  • Unlike Adolf Hitler, Future Warden wins a world war and becomes ruler of the whole entire world, along with destroying all of earth's land.
  • Like other dictators, Future Warden has many super weapons that cause more destruction and even more deaths.
  • Similarly to the present Warden, Future Warden is an extremely popular character among fans with a large amount fan-created content dedicated to him. With Future Warden's few appearances, many hope that he will make an eventual return.
    • However, he had only made his one appearance before the show's cancellation.
  • The spiked helmet that's worn on his head is based on a German-Prussian Pickelhaube.
  • Ironically, his outfit is a resemblance to what Kaiser Wilhelm II wore.


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