The Twins
Vital statistics
Role The Twins, the Troublemakers
Gender Both male
Voiced by Both by Richard Mather
In episode(s) All (Except "Mr. Grumpy-Pants",
"Jailbot 2.0"

The Twins devote their time to creating elaborate and intelligent schemes designed to make their stay at Superjail entertaining. Though they claim to be the last of their race, it is revealed they are from another planet and are actually just staying at Superjail for an one-year holiday under permission from their father and refuse to go back home.[1]Both are voiced by Richard Mather.


The Twins share the same features: blond curly hair, unibrows, and flat noses. They wear a dark colored two-piece outfit that has a single stripe on its top. Both Twins wear black gloves and heeled, short black boots.


Both Twins always seem to think alike and act as one single entity. Their appearances on-screen are accompanied by techno backing music, earning them the nickname "Techno Twins". Both speak in vague, flat European accents and show very little emotion when speaking unless something drastic requires it. It is shown in the episode "Hot Chick" that they hate being separated from each other.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • The Warden - Although the Twins often mess up the Warden's plans, this seems to be more out of playfulness than hatred. The Warden enjoys the fact they make proceedings more entertaining. The Warden only acknowledges the Twins in the Pilot episode, although in the first part of the two-part episode "Time-Police" they appear at the table with The Wardens co-workers, along with Paul, Jean, and possibly Gary. This may mean they end up having more relation with the Warden in the future to the point where he trusts them enough to help him take over the world.
  • Jared - Though Jared does not appreciate the Twins, he tolerates them. There is little interaction between Jared and the Twins.
  • Alice - As of season 2, it appears Alice knows of and enjoys the company of the Twins, as seen in "Hot Chick", trying to help them by separating them, and in "The Budding of Warbuxx" when she offers to help them while one is budding. They also appear to trust her as they accept her help in both episodes.
  • Jailbot - As with Jared, they don't acknowledge Jailbot very much, but in one episode they used him as a pawn in a plan to overthrow the Warden.
  • Combaticus - The Twins' son created from their blood in the episode "Combaticus" to irk the Warden. They have a parental relationship with him, though treat him like a weapon.
  • Hunter - Hunter is the pet dog of the Twins' father, sent to Superjail to retrieve them for being on Earth longer than the agreed year. The Twins seem afraid of her in the episode, as they panic and run. Although Hunter was very determined and strong, she does not succeed in capturing them.
  • Ozzal - The Twins' father. The Twins seem to be detached to him and would even disrespect their father by calling him by his first name. Ozzal loves his children and misses them enough to the point that he would send out Hunter to get them. In his next appearance, the two are scared to meet him when he comes to them in person and he is a little hostile to them most likely because of last time. However, he is in better spirits as he is happy that they and their siblings are cheating together at a game. When he is stabbed by the warden the twins worry if he is angry but he isn't and declares the twins as the winner of the games and pronounces as overlords of their home world (despite the twins not wanting the position)
  • Convicts - While in Season 1 they would normally cause an accident that kills hundreds of them, in the episode "Hot Chick", it shows they will work with the Twins if they have a common goal. Though this may be because they don't truly know the Twins' role in past mishaps.
  • The Triplets - The Twins fear their older siblings as they constantly mock and bully them for their own amusement. Although, the Twins respect them and try to prove to them that they are not lame. The Triplets grew angry and jealous when Ozzal crowned the Twins as overlords instead of them.


  • Throughout many episodes it has been shown that they love video games.[2]
  • Although their voices give the indication that they are male, there were no female counterparts of the Twins at Ultraprison. However, this could merely mean they were still in Ultraprison, as the ship that crashed into Superjail was a transport vehicle.
  • Their uniforms are very similar to ones in the 1976 movie Logan's Run.
  • One of the only times they are seen outside of Superjail is in the episode Time Police Part 2, they are in Manhattan watching a fashion show.
  • Like their older siblings, they have four nipples.



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