The Mistress
The Mistress
Vital statistics
Role The Warden of Ultraprison
Gender Female
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Ladies Night



The Mistress is one of the major antagonists of the series. She is the owner and proprietor of Ultraprison, an all female prison opposite of Superjail. She claims it to be "the best prison known to man".

Personality Edit

She has a very strict personality and demands perfection. She has an ego to match the Warden's but is a little bit more down to earth. She doesn't like it when what she finds unimportant wastes her time and would even cut people off because of this. She talks with a higher vocabulary than others, is very strict and practical, saying at one point "I don't dream, no time." After she was bitten by a Spanish Fly, she showed her wild side, an effect brought by the aphrodisiac.

After a sexual encounter with Alice, the mistress took up a more relaxed behavior and started playing the guitar. She soon began a relationship with Bruce, although she still has a lingering lust for Alice and continues to make advances on her (to the latter's annoyance).

Relation to Other Characters Edit

  • The Warden - She dislikes him and thinks of him as an "overgrown man-child". After she is bitten by a Spanish fly, its influences cause her to have sex with the Warden. The next morning, she awakes to find herself in bed with him and is furious with herself, as he taunts her over the encounter and his victory of their bet. She and her staff leave angrily, excluding Charise who ended up crying after being separated from Jared. In the episode "Vacation" she declines his plea for help, and in the end overtakes his Superjail. However she leaves after a fling with Alice.
  • Charice - The accountant of Ultraprison. Unlike the Warden, she has some respect for but it is obvious that she instills her authority on her by ordering around to things like her pedicure.
  • Alice - She and Alice never had much interaction up until "Stingstress". She assists with Charice and Jared's plans for the Warden to seduce the sex-starved Mistress. When the Warden fails, Alice blows out the lights and kicks him out. Pretending to be the Warden, she seduces and has sex with the Mistress. Not knowing of her former sexual past, the Mistress believes that she had sex with a woman. When she's in awe of what happened, Alice comments "Sometimes it takes a woman to do a man's job." It inspires the Mistress to become something of a hippie and sings to Alice. To which Alice comments "I forgot how needy they (meaning women) can be." When Alice and Stingray were forced to head to Ultraprison, The Mistress is still shown having feelings for Alice and makes advances on her despite now being in a relationship with Bruce.
  • Bruce - Her corrections officer and the opposite of Superjail's Alice. It is mentioned that Bruce and The Mistress have now formed a relationship not much is known about it but Bruce did get irritated when The Mistress made advances on Alice.
  • Nova - Her version of Jailbot.
  • Lord Stingray - She takes a liking to him instantly due to his apparent high status as a "Captain". He quickly charms her, appearing gentleman-like to her. After taking over Superjail, she enters a relationship with him and both run the jail together. It appears happy at first, but they have a volatile relationship. Since both are dominating personalities, he gets annoyed easily by her. Stingray also verbally demeans her capabilities as a warden of the jail. She eventually kicks him out of her bedroom, after he hurts her feelings and then asks for money. The male inmates consider Stingray to be her "lapdog" in the relationship and believe she has more power over him.