Season 1, Episode 106
Air date November 2, 2008
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Terrorarium is the sixth episode of season 1.



The episode opens to an isolated farm in the countryside, with the front door of the farmhouse being kicked open by a rather angry looking farmer wielding an ill-intended shotgun in his arms as he storms toward the barn.  And he seems angry with good reason, since upon his intrusion he discovers his daughter having relations with Jacknife in the middle of a haystack.  Dodging bullets, Jacknife makes a run for his life into a corn field where he's torn between captors (Jailbot, who is revealed to be hiding in a stalk of corn and an alien saucer trying to abduct him).  Jailbot shoots the UFO down with ease, sending it crashing into the farmhouse before he takes off with Jacknife back to Superjail. 

Meanwhile, Superjail can be seen holding a Science Extravaganza consisting of projects by the inmates.  (One consisting of the 'Super Shank', 'Sleep Machine', and the 'World's Strongest Cockroach'.)  The Warden bypasses these projects with detached judgments of 'Mildly interesting...  boring... ...lame... moronic...' and declares himself as the winner of the science fair.  He takes the time to present his own contribution, 'Terrorarium', which looks like nothing more than a snowglobe before he has Jailbot seize five "volunteers" from the audience for a demonstration (which he explains in detail in his excitement).  The five volunteers are roughly shrunken down to size and set free in the minimized jungle of the Warden's design, full of hungry man-eating insects and man-opposing elements to test the party's will to survive.  At the finish line of Terrorarium there lies a vial of growth serum which will return the one survivor to normal size.  While the inmates stare in horror as he reaches the end of his explanation, the Twins appear and decide that they would like to play.  Teleporting inside the tiny globe, the Twins switch the serums.

As the science fair comes to an end, the Warden declares that they'll have a party ("To celebrate my classy choice, not to celebrate my victory.") after they pick up his trophy.  After Jared informs him that the trophy won't be there until next week ("Sir, making a trophy out of eight hundred pounds of Egyptian gold accented with Bermudi sapphires takes some time!"), the Warden angrily declares that Jared's ruined the festivities and has him move a vat of growth serum back to the closet as punishment in lieu of attending his humility party.  Ostracized and angry, Jared tends to his duties grumbling to himself and unaware that he's spilling growth serum all over the floor behind him.  A prisoner and the cockroach are both exposed and grow to gargantuan sizes.  (The exposed prisoner 'Bobo' rampages through Superjail, while the cockroach stays with the gay couple.) 

Meanwhile inside Terrorarium, the inmates struggle to survive all assortments of horrific obstacles such as quicksand and carnivorous insects, both of which manage to kill three of the five inmates.

Having finished his duty of putting away the growth serum, Jared attempts to join the Warden, Alice and Jailbot in the jacuzzi in the Warden's office for his party.  Even after being raptly rejected from the celebration, Jared's bad luck doesn't end there when the Warden notices Bobo thundering through the prison and immediately blames the accountant for the mishap.  Meanwhile, the pair of inmates that raised the cockroach notice its new size and plan to ride it to freedom, much to the effeminate one's disgust.

Inside Terrorarium once more, (though it seems one of the three originally lost inmates has recovered from his misfortune) Jacknife steals a large spider egg for means of food. Of course when the other two attempt the same, the large spider-like creature immediately seizes its chance for a gruesomely dressed meal, leaving Jacknife a lone survivor in the jungle.

Jared's outsider status among the staff of Superjail hasn't changed, as revealed when the Warden rejects him from the staff table and prompts him to try the kiddie table (which turns out to be full of homicidal midget inmates).  Even walking away serves him no good, as Alice trips him and sends him face first into his food.  Humiliated, Jared flees from the laughter of the inmates and staff, leaving the Warden wondering "who tied HIS panties in a not" before he peers into Terrorarium, finding Jacknife at the finish line.  Eagerly the inmate drinks the switched vial the Twins have left in their wake.

In tears in his office, Jared loses his battle with temptation as another of his old vices (his food addiction and being overweight, in this case) comes back to haunt him out of the depression his current circumstances have left him.  Searching his fridge for a drink and finding no milk, the Twins appear and opt him to drink the vial of growth serum they swiped at the beginning of the episode.  ("Try this to quench your thirst... for power!!")  After drinking it down, he falls behind his desk out of sight, the only hints of the serum's effects being bulging muscles and his skin going a Hulk-shade of green.

Alice opens the door to his office seconds needing him to sign some papers, only to note with disgust the messy state of his desk.  Having had enough of her abuse, a much more lithe and aggressive Jared storms out to confront Alice, a challenge the security guard accepts with open arms as the two exchange action movie banter back and forth as they fight.  Unfortunately, the fight spirals out of control as they knock a vat of growth serum out of the upper story window, sending it spilling all over the prison yard and availing weeds, insects and scattered trash a catalyst to grow out of control.

The Warden of course fails to notice this, too engaged with watching Jacknife's plight in Terrorarium as he discovers that the vial he drank from were insect pheremones and flees the onslaught of enamored monsters.  The weeds break through the floor of his office, sending him and his Terrorarium flying up and around erratically as he tries desperately not to let it break and risk anymore dangerous growth.  It degenerates into a slaughter of man versus nature, as inmates are stung into exploding by giant bees, swallowed alive by lumbering frogs, and consumed by the cavernous mouths of large Venus flytraps.  (Though the gay couple is spared when their cockroach comes to their rescue flying them from the area, and Jacknife escapes to freedom on the back of a large hornet.)  

Despite his efforts, the Warden is unable to keep the Terrorarium from breaking.  It breaks apart in a puddle of growth serum, freeing the hungry insects inside that eat away all of the foliage and fleeing Superjail.  A familiar quaking prompts the Warden to question if Bobo is still loose, though not too far away he's shown to being eaten by insects. 

The quaking continues as the camera pans out, only to reveal that Superjail itself is inside a globe much like the Warden's Terrorarium, being observed not only by the Twins but by what appear to be duplicates of the Twins or possible other members of whatever species the Twins themselves happen to be.         Jackife's point of view in Episode 6 



  • This marks the first time a prisoner besides Jacknife escapes since the Strongest Cockroach flew its owners to freedom.
  • The missing girl on the carton of milk located in Jared's refrigerator bares a striking resemblance to Cancer