Superjail Soldier
Vital statistics
Role Superjail Soldier
Gender Unknown
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In episode(s) Time-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2

Superjail Soldier (no name given in show)

Super Jail Soldiers

The Last Pack

During the events of Time Police arc, it was revealed that if the Warden opened more Superjails world-wide to replace normal prison facilities he'd go crazy with power and take over the world. Under his new order, the future earth would be enslaved in Nazi style death camps with strict martial law. Superjail soldiers, whome were most likely altered inmates, acted as security in these death camps, as a police force, and as the military. Wearing purple and black protective armor and a gasmask that resembled the Warden's features, they became the new personifcation of violence and cruelty. When the last free nations attempted a coup against the Warden, thousands of these soldiers were deployed along side other war machines and bioweapons to swarm and destroy enemy forces. Armed with a heavy machine gun with a springloaded Bayonet blade at the bottom of the barrel, these troopers shot as well and slice and diced through anyone who dared oppose the Warden.


Due to their total loyalty to the Warden, it seems these soldiers have no indivduality, assuming they were modified inmates they were either brainwashed or altered by the cybernetic process to keep them as killing machines with no mercy. It seems they have no resentment in brutally massacring thousands or shooting innocent people, not one showing any mercy when trying to seperate a women and her child later on. Due to this, it is suffienct to say they are mindless and only take orders.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Future Warden - Undying service and loyalty