Superjail Grand Prix
Season 2, Episode 209
Air date June 05, 2011
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Superjail Grand Prix is the ninth episode of season two.



The episode begins with an Italian racer named Franco winning a race. He is about to get his trophy when he sees Jacknife peeing into it. Franco tackles him, and suddenly Jailbot appears and grabs Franco. Jacknife laughs, but is then punched in the face by Jailbot, giving him a K.O. Jailbot then flies away with Franco and Jacknife into the outer worlds.

A large stadium is shown as Jared and Alice (who really doesn't care) are the commentators. Many racers are shown, including The Gay Couple, Monster Convict, and Redneck Convict  and Ernie and Bert,Kermit, Elmo, Telly, and Fat Blue and original Ernie and Bert puppets.The race begins when Jeremy drops the trophy and runs off crying and Ash in his dragster takes the lead and crashes into a wall and gets run over by a truck and a bus next,the racers head into Ambush Alley and a garbage truck ,station wagon, Hot Dog mobile and a Pontiac and another car get crushed by the obstacles and they crash into the prison and destroy Jared's office and they go into a kitchen and 3 cars fall into frying pans.

A van gets hammered and the driver is cut in half, and a race car and a trike get chopped in half a driver and his stake bed truck almost get cut and he crashes and then 5 vegetables take over and get crashed by a bus. Jeremy is seen walking in the basement until Stacy comes along and says "Don't think about the 2 things you dropped". The racers head into the Loafer and 2 hot rods and a trike get eaten and the Warden blames stingray and  the Twins cut up a car ,the Log Jam monster truck crushes 987,876 veicles and they go into the outer worlds and the dinosaurs  and a tractor,a superbike and another 2 cars get destroyed and shoot a pickup truck and they go intos Ameoba World and a 1950's car gets sucked in and the racers go into a post-apacolptic world and Stingray throws the Puzzle Place kids and the car makes a pit stop and Jailbot steals a part from another car.

The racers head into a land filled with creatures who kill a man in his muscle car and 2 teenagers on a motorcycle and a soap box racer ,race car, old person's scooter, luxury/British car and a dog pound truck get killed and the Ice Cream Convict gets killed. Meanwhile,Paul almost gets hit by a truck. Acid Swamps  sucks in a racer and his car and Franco's hands are cut off! Then Warden takes over and throws Franco into the Puzzle Place and the racers head into Mario Kart and the Warden hits 87,876 cars and the Indian Convict,a dragster,a motorcycle and 2 other cars falland Mt.Trongor and Warden hits 87,985 more cars and Jared thinks Warden and Stingray are the 2 racers left and the Twins crash into the 24 goth girls. The winner is Jacknife and Franco dies.Then the 24 goth girls throw Log Jam and kill everyone!


  • It is revealed The Warden does not know how to drive and hires racers every year.
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  • The Superjail Grand Prix's track goes through many outer worlds.
  • This episode is a parody of the film Death Race,Pinks All Out,Wacky Races,Lucas Oil On The Edge etc.
  • When The Warden,Franco and Stingray are falling,Franco has hands even though they were cut off.
  • Even though The Warden's car appeared to be a manual, it did not have a clutch. However, this may be due to The Warden's lack of knowledge about cars.
  • The Superjail Grand Prix's racers included the following:
  • 1.Indian Convict's Van
  • 2.Chopper
  • 3.Swamp Buggy
  • 4.Smokin Hot
  • 5.Hearse
  • 6.Mexican Convict Bus
  • 7.Light Tank
  • 8.Car with Rockets
  • 9.Log Jam
  • 10.Green Muscle Car
  • 11.Outer Space Vehicle
  • 12.3-wheeled Rocket Car
  • 13 1920's hot rod
  • 14.Green Motorcycle
  • 15.Garbage Truck
  • 16.Pontiac Trans Am
  • 17.Hot Dog Mobile
  • 18.Purple Justice
  • 19.Stinger
  • 20.The Twins Orbs
  • 21.Dragster
  • 22.Redneck Truck
  • 23.6-wheled Combat Bus
  • 24.Funk in the Trunk
  • 25.Wheeled Tank
  • 26.Purple 2-door
  • 27.Orange Muscle Car
  • 28.Muscle Car
  • 29.Black 2-door Sedan
  • 30.Bird
  • 31.Boxed Van
  • 32.Pickup Truck
  • 33.Van
  • 34.Trike with Skis
  • 35.Blue Tank
  • 36.Toilet Car
  • 37.Fist Car
  • 38.1960's race car
  • 39.Trike
  • 40.Stakebed Truck
  • 41.Superbike
  • 42.Superbike
  • 43.Superbike
  • 44.Ice Cream Truck
  • 45.Hot Rod
  • 46.1930's hot rod
  • 47.Trike
  • 48.Redneck Convict's tub car
  • 49.Tractor
  • 50.1950's car
  • 51.Chopper
  • 52.Chopper
  • 53.Soap Box Racer
  • 54.Race car
  • 55.Old Person Scooter
  • 56.British luxury car
  • 57.Dogmobile
  • 58.Lumberjack convict's foot car
  • 59.Hamster Wheel
  • 60.Tall Car
  • 61.Car with 3 convicts
  • 62.Box-Semi Truck
  • 63.Purple car
  • 64.Red car with large gun
  • 65.Blue car with gun
  • 66.Customized Semi-Truck
  • 67.Dragster
  • 68.Muscle Car
  • 69.Dragster
  • 70.Eye car
  • 71.Ernie and Bert's Cement Mixer
  • 72.Elmo's handcar
  • 73.Kermit's truck
  • While the list goes on.
  • Many of the cars in the episode are based off Hot Wheels cars such as the Beatnik Bandit,Hiway Hauler 2,Semi-Fast,Long gone,etc.

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