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Superjail is a very large Prison that is in a volcano inside a bigger volcano on a jungle island. Superjail seems to house its own reality, where space-time at points seem to be controlled by the Warden, or in other times, acts as an external governing force that pushes along the plot into often humorously violent climax scenes. The jail is repeatedly destroyed during various battle scenes in many episodes, but it returns to normal in the following episode. Many scenes take place in the Warden's office which seems to be highly elevated and looks out upon many fantasy machines and buildings. There is also a very large outdoor area where inmates can lift weighs, play basketball, and in many cases, fight. During the episode "Hot Chick" it was also revealed that there is a large outdoor fighting arena, almost like a "Superjail Colosseum". It is also noted that the Warden must stay in Superjail at all times or else it will close.

As touched on before, Superjail houses its own reality, or it is set in a world with a different reality. This conclusion can be derived due to the many mystical creatures that run rampant in many episodes (often during the battle scenes) and many other of the shows more "out there" happenings.

It is revealed that before the jail was made, the Warden showed a lego model of a jail to the Warden's father; however, his father never approved of it and saw his jail a joke. His father dismissed it. However, after his father was killed, the Warden made the jail. The Warden still believes that his father would love it despite the fact that his father hated it.


Superjail has problems with going over its capacity, as noted in the episode "Time-Police Part 1". But the Warden doesn't seem to care.





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