Superhell! is the first episode of season four.

Characters(Not In Order)Edit

Plot (overview)Edit

After the events of "Burn, Stoolie, Burn" the Warden, with the help of Ash, continue their arson spree across Superjail. Meanwhile, Alice and Stingray get lost on a planet full of vicious monsters.


  • Several nods from past episodes throughout the series appear in this episode.
    • Ultrajail is seen again and the Mistress is still shown as a Hippie and mentions the events from "Stingstress".
  • The Doctor references that he wanted Jared's Head when he dies, a nod to Superfail!
    • Peedee makes a return since "Planet Radio".
    • Stingray's ship from "Lord Stingray Crash Party" appears again and is still broken after the events of "Planet Radio".
    • A picture of Ash and Cancer appear in the background from "Mr. Grumpy-Pants and The ghost of Cancer returns when Ash remembers his worst memory to destroy Superhell.
    • The monster truck that Jean and Paul owned in "Superjail! Grand Prix" returns when they remember their worst memory.
      • The Warden's father returns as a giant to help destroy Superhell.
      • Jailbot has been repaired (although made out of inmate body parts) from "Burn Stoolie Burn"
        • Stingray still wants to open up the Warden's safe while Jean, Paul, Nicky, and somehow Turban are still shown to be stuck with The Twins in the safe from "Burn Stoolie Burn".
    • The room where the Mistress and Alice had sex in is shown in the background and Stingray and Peedee go to the tip (the location where Jared and Charise went to talk) from "Ladies Night".