Season 1, Episode 101
Air date September 28, 2008
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Superbar is the first episode of season one.


 * The Warden


In this episode it begins with Jacknife at a carnival near a body of water. Jacknife plays a game of throwing darts, but ends up throwing the darts at the booth operator, taking the money, and jumping into a boat. He kicks both the woman and her man off the boat, but gives their daughter a bear. The cops begin to pursue Jacknife, but are taken out by Jailbot, who then seizes Jacknife to take to Superjail, leading to the intro.

As The Warden in his office spies on Alice,(who was exercising) Jared talks with him. The Warden comes up with a plan to build up a Superbar! to take Alice on a date at. Jared is selected to be the bartender, even though he is a recovering alcoholic. The Warden then calls Alice to invite her, but she misinterprets his request to go with the most eligible Superjail bachelor, and agrees to go. Overjoyed, The Warden hops all over the bar.

Next, The Warden opens the bar. While the convicts are having fun, the Smart Convict takes a piss and punches a hole through the wall when he sees that in the girls bathroom that the wall leads to the ocean. After that, the Smart Convict tells fellow convicts his plan to use a device they need to build called A.S.C.R.A.C.(Amphibious Secretly Constructed Rapid Ascape Craft) to get though the hole in the bathroom through the ocean to the surface. Lots of the inmates including Bird, Gary, and The Gay Couple are in on it.

In the next screen The Warden is singing about the bar. While that is happening convicts are taking parts of the bar to make the A.S.C.R.A.C. in the girls bathroom. In the next part Alice comes to the bar with her date Sweet Cheeks Convict, and that pisses off The Warden so he starts drinking shots. Meanwhile the convicts are working on the sub and they see Alice coming so they try to delay her. And all the while The Warden talks to the now dead Sweet Cheeks Convict. The Warden thoses a few drips of his drink on Jared which he gets in his mouth. Jared then starts drinking and goes to The Warden's Office and starts pressing buttons at his desk. Alice comes in the bathroom and sees the convicts leave and she follows. Water runs through the bar as the convicts sub goes in the water. A weird killing marathon then starts between the escaping convicts and sea people, during which Jacknife escapes by swimming out through the huge hole in the wall. Alice ends up opening the sea gate which lead to the water leaving the bar. Then she saves The Warden.

In the last moments the Girl from the beginning of the episode is talking at home with two girlfriends about how Jacknife kicked her father off his ownboat when Jacknife shows up in the window.


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