Season 3, Episode 302
Air date September 30, 2012
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Stingstress is first episode of season three.


Plot (overview)Edit

The episode starts off with an unnamed female version of Jacknife being captured by Nova and taken to what could assume to be Ultraprison. In the previous episode, the Superjail gang left for a vacation, but returned to find that Superjail as been taken over by The Mistress and her Ultraprison . Lord Stingray decides to take advantage of this, and joins The Mistress in taking control of Superjail. Eventually, after receiving bad treatment, The Mistress ditches Stingray and decides to rule on her own. Meanwhile, Alice, Charice, and Jared attempt to hook The Warden up with the Mistress so they can become the next Superjail "Power Couple" and they can put an end to the chaos. In the end, The Mistress is disgusted by The Warden's childish behavior. Alice refuses to let this happen, blows out the lights, tosses the Warden out, and begins to have sex with the Mistress, who actually enjoys it. When Stingray and the other inmates show up to the room and look inside, they are horrified by the sight, and thus begins a trippy sequence of them attempting to forget the events they witnessed. After the chaos calms down, the Mistress tosses aside her stuck-up ways and transforms into a peace-loving hippie, and takes her Ultraprison to return home.


  • The scene near the end when Lord Stingray and the other inmates try to forget seeing Alice and The Mistress having sex is one big homage to the works of Vincent Collins, particularly "Malice in Wonderland".
  • The episode opens with a female counterpart to Jacknife, something not previously done in any episode.
  • The classic Atari game "Pong" is seen in the opening sequence.
  • This is the first episode we see Alice without her glasses, even for a few seconds.
  • The Twins do not make an appearance in this episode.
  • Rather than the usual "Superjail" logo, the logo is modified to say "Ultrajail", a mix between "ULTRAprison" and "superJAIL".
  • The "Gary Rat" appears in this episode. He will later appear in the 3rd episode of season 3 "Uh Oh, it's Magic!"