Specimen 7
Vital statistics
Role Specimen 7
Gender Unknown
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In episode(s) Combaticus

Specimen 7 is a cyborg creature created by the Doctor. It was created using the DNA of the Superjail staff, which was The Warden, Jared, Alice and Jailbot. It was dispatched by The Warden in order to fight Combaticus; however, the very nervous Doctor said Specimen 7 was not yet ready to be released.


Specimen 7's only recognizable emotion is domination.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Specimen 7 is forged from the DNA of the Superjail staff, and risks life and limb to save them from a crumbling colosseum.


  • Specimen 7 has the same body parts as five of the show's major characters:
    • Jared's head, hair, half of his moustache, and legs
    • Jailbot's face (on the forehead), wiring, upper left arm, and taser arm
    • Alice's Left eye, torso, mouth, nose, and right arm (complete with knightstick)
    • The Warden's right eye, coat, left arm (holding a cane), and hat
    • Jacknife's right arm
    • A large, green wing on its back that allows it to fly
  • It is able to regenerate lost limbs
    • This is displayed when Combaticus removed its cane-holding arm, robotic claw, and taser arm in battle
    • Its cane is also regeneratable, despite being neither attatched to its body nor organic matter
  • Despite being seemingly invincible (in that it outlived Combaticus), it is apparently capable of death: in the alternate future seen in Time-Police Part 1, a steel door with its name on it can be seen, along with a small sign that reads "Rest In Peace". It most likely died due to being released while the Doctor stated that it wasn't ready yet.