Slutnife is a short temered, heavey drinking, sex addected redneck that will do anything for sex and drugs

Slunife was arested for force blowing a 10 year old for weed she was then put on an ultraprison ship that was going to mustafar for exicution, when in finding out her fate she kicked the shit out of the mistress and bruce and crashed into superjail.

after the little visit to superjail the mistress ordered the ship back to ultraprison not mustafar at the prison she found jacknife and ordered him to slutnife's cell instead of killing him on the spot.

9 months later slutnife birthed a mixture of white-trash and redneck she named him jacknife jr when she was released she went to parenting classes to learn how to be a mother.

she was aressted multaple times later and jacknife jr was raised in ultraprison

she also had a daughter that had cancer "later called Cancer by ash" she was stolen by jacknife.