Also known as The Starving Inamte
Vital statistics
Role Skinny
Gender Male
Voiced by Christopher McCulloch
In episode(s) Bunny Love, Superbar, Superjail Grand Prix, Sticky Discharge, Nightshift and The Superjail Six

Skinny(A.K.A The Starving Inmate) - A severely emaciated, gray-skinned inmate that's constantly starving. He can't get much of a break.


Skinny suffers from constant starvation. This makes him willing to do anything for food. He'll even put on a dress and, ordered by Alice, dance for a tuna-fish sandwich (which, unfortunately, he doesn't receive).

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Alice: She is pretty much the only character that acknowledges  him in the series first episode, Bunny Love, when she was about to feed him a tuna fish sandwich and make him put on a Dress but was interrupted by Jared, When Alice was picking a date to go to the Superbar with she passed by him and said, "No chance string bean."

Other Appearances

He also appeared in the episode "Superjail Grand Prix". Indian Convict opens up a food store, and Skinny immediately chows down on food.

He also in "Sticky Discharge" He wears the same dress from Bunny Love that Alice forced him to wear and it's heavily implied that Skinny has dismembered and eaten a cellmate since a dead body is in his cell.

He makes another major appearance in "Nightshift" in which he was going to be executed, despite it never happening.

In The Season 4 Finale The Superjail Six, In a Flashback Skinny is revealed to be 66 Years old on his cake during his birthday however due The Events of the Superjail Six and the staff wanting the Warden to forget about his Six Failures Alice takes the cake away while Skinny is blowing out the candle and later in Episode Skinny makes a another appearance still starving to death in a location while the Warden is chasing Lord Stringray and Prison Peedee.


While cannibalism is mentioned to be forbidden by the Standards and Practices department, it appears that the production team managed to slip by the reference of Skinny eating a cellmate as an easter egg. This is likely due to the cannibalism being more implied, and the cellmate's body barely being visible, as well as Skinny shown to not be actively eating the corpse and just staring at the viewers.