Quetzlpacatlan in conversation with the Warden.

Quetzalpacatlan (voiced by John Waters) or Chet was a sacrificial Native chief who used to live on Superjail Island. He appears in the episode "Ghosts".

He is first shown (alive) beheading Natives for a sacrificial ritual, but soon  conquistadors appear on the island and begin to kill the natives and they presumbably execute him as well.

Later on, The Warden is sucked into the ghost world and finds Quetzalpacatlan stuck in a portal and is the cause of the ghosts running around in Superjail. The two men immediately become friends chatting about sacrifices and expressing their worry of what might await them on the otherside due to some of their actions when they were alive. Jared then appears becuase he accidentally electrocuted himself while trying to save The Warden. Quetzalpacatlan laughs at his large head and his death mistake. In an angry charge, Jared yells "I'll show you how I use my head!!" and headbutts him, causing him to be sucked into the portal with the other souls. At the end of the episode there is an insect (possibly a butterfly) possessing quetzalpacatlan's face flying around implying he might have been reincarnated as a butterfly rather go to the afterlife.