Paul Guaye
Vital statistics
Role The Gay Couple
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Bunny Love,
Ladies Night (Cameo),
Don't Be A Negaton,
Dream Machine,
Time-Police Part 1 (Cameo in Future Version Form),
Best Friends Forever,
Mayhem Donor,
Lord Stingray Crash Party,
Hotchick (Cameo),
Gay Wedding

Paul Guaye and Jean are in many of the episodes, and usually work along with the underground circles of Superjail inmates.


He was also the leader of the Double Rainbows, which appear to be a gay gang that fought with rival gang Purple Pythons. Currently, both gangs are dissolved as the leaders Paul and Jean are a couple now.


Paul is the more outspoken of the Gay Couple, usually more in conflict with events. He often nags to Jean. The concept of Superjail's "gay couple" is a large source of comic relief throughout the first season. They make appearances in half of the aired episodes and are shown to argue like a married couple. Paul in the relationship is shown to make very common complaints in the relationship ranging from excessive negativity to keeping the toilet seat down.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Bird and Gary- With Jean he seems to get along with Bird and Gary. However, Jean usually has to talk Paul into going in on it.
  • Strongest Cockroach- is the pet of the Jean's, though when the pet mutates, Paul attempted to kill it only for Jean to stop him as it could be useful in escaping. Despite Paul's voiced disapproval of him to Jean, the cockroach saved both their lives during the episode "Terrorarium" and flew them to freedom.