Vital statistics
Role Father
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Hotchick
Trouble with Triplets

Ozzal[1] is the father of the Twins and is trying to get them back to the home planet they come from.


Ozzal has blue skin with blond hair in a similar style to the Twins. He also has a mono-brow and red markings on his face, as well as wearing lipstick. His body is round with alien-type markings on it, with a single grey tentacle protruding from the bottom. He also has small blue wings.

He speaks without much expression, and it seems he can speak English as well as another language (heard at the beginning of "Hot Chick". He has a pair of arms that seem to 'come and go', which are blue and feature long red fingernails.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • The Twins - He is the father of the Twins, and he wants them to come home to him. The twins seem to hold no respect toward their patriarch as shown in their video conversation where they mock and refer to him by his first name while he chastises them and says "Don't call me that, it's father". In his next appearance, the two are scared to meet him when he comes to them in person and he is a little hostile to them most likely because of last time. However, he is in better spirits as he is happy that they and their siblings are cheating together at a game. When he is stabbed by the warden the twins worry if he is angry but he isn't and declares the twins as the winner of the games and pronounces as overlords of their home world (despite the twins not wanting the position)
  • The Triplets - Ozzal's oldest sons. It would seem that they are his favorite children, as mentioned in the episode "Troubles with Triplets". When they first summoned him, they greeted him happily which he did in return and asked if they were pleased with what he gave them which they confirmed. Ozzal was also overjoyed when the triplets and twins cheated in their contest. Although they share a good relationship, the triplets did not seem shocked that their father was suddenly attacked by they warden but were greatly surprised when he happily chose the twins as the new overlords of their home world. The Triplets question their father's decision by bringing their status as his favorite hatchlings with Ozzal replying that they were too timid to even bisect their own patriarch.
  • Hunter - Seems to be the pet dog of the family and was sent to get the Twins on Ozzal's orders. At the end of the episode, he expresses worry over her whereabouts while the twins mention that he should have sent someone more efficient after them.




  1. Name was given at end of episode "Hot Chick" when the Twins are talking with him