Vital statistics
Role Nova The Robot of Ultraprison
Gender Robot (Female)
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Ladies Night

Nova is the robot of UltraPrison. While she appears to be the female version of Jailbot, she is also a sleeker, refers to herself as 'newer model' than he is however since they both are custom built prototypes no one can be newer or older.


Unlike Jailbot, Nova is capable of speech and seems to consider herself better and more advanced. She possesses a high knowledge of computer systems and can fix them easily, much to Jailbot's anger. She also seems to have a high knowledge of entertainment, shown when she played party music during the ball on "Lady's Night".

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Jailbot - In the episode Ladies Night, she is bit by the Spanish Flies and, as a result, she wildly pursues him. It can be presumed, she had sex (or whatever it is that robots do) with JailBot. The next morning, Jailbot's screen reads "HIV" in red letters, implying that Nova gave him an STD.