Vital statistics
Role Smart Convict; the Man with the Plan
Gender Male
Voiced by Chris McCulloch
In episode(s) Superbar,
Best Friends Forever,
Lord Stingray Crash Party,
Gay Wedding

Nicky is a semi-regular seen convict of Superjail.


One of the more intelligent and civil (hence the nickname) inmates in Superjail, usually speaking and acting in a cool and confident manner. It is hinted that he is part of the small circle of inmates which the Warden treats as equals and shows respect for. Others include-but are not necessarily limited to: Jacknife (sometimes), Gary, Bird, Jean, and Paul as demonstrated by his fairly-close (non-hostile) interactions with Superjail staff and his parts in jobs which the Warden will uses his "favorite" inmates for.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Fellow Convicts - He has shown time and time again a strong ability to lead and to understand and talking a good talk. Since most convicts are not too bright he ends up being looked up as well.


  • It was later revealed that the creators of the show refer to him as Nicky
  • Despite him always trying to escape he shows fear of The Warden