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Mr. Grumpy-Pants
Season 1, Episode 107
Air date November 9, 2008
Written by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, Aaron Augenblick, Chris Burns, M. Wartella, & Ben Gruber
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Mr. Grumpy-Pants is the seventh episode of season 1. Out of all the episodes in Season 1, this episode is the only one with emotional moments that happen between the dying child Cancer and a Superjail inmate, Ash. Many hail this as a very sad episode, as the inmates are trying to make her final days happier and Cancer dying at the end.


Jackknife's latest crime was stealing prescription drugs from a children's cancer ward. A girl crawls into his sack and is taken with him as he is taken to Superjail. The Warden, whose birthday was on this day, finds her and orders Jailbot to burn her. She is saved by Ash. After seeing her again, The Warden gives birth to his inner-child demon, leaving him brain dead. The demon tries many times to kill the little girl, called Cancer, but he fails. He returns to The Warden, and goes back inside him. The Warden bursts into Cancer's birthday party and his demon comes out of his mouth. Meanwhile Jared wanted to get a special present for The Warden to cheer him up and obtains Chinese ancient mystery butter, which purportedly removed wrinkles (reverses aging). Since the birthday cake "icing" was made with Chinese ancient mystery butter, all the inmates turned into babies. And thus, in normal Superjail! fashion, everybody starts killing each other. The demon throws tons of forks at Cancer, but an inmate takes them and dies. But the presents fall on her, killing her (or she succumbs to her disease). Ash in horror, sees this and runs over to Cancer in an attempt to help her, but she's dead. He shouts that everyone should stop, while carrying a dead Cancer. Everyone returns to their adult size, and The Warden's inner demon returns and they mourn over her death.



  • We find out that The Warden's birthday is on December 25th, and in addition, being Christmas Day.
  • The first episode to have the Twins entirely missing from a plot, although Richard Mather's name still appears in the credits due to him voicing a bit part or two in the episode, Although according to a crew member, the season 1 credits actually had quite a few mistakes in crediting the right actors for each episode (instead only ever crediting just David Wain, Chris McCulloch, Teddy Cohn, and Richard Mather). Sometimes an actor wouldn't actually be at a recording session for an episode, or sometimes other actors would be there that were left uncredited.
  • The episode was originally planned to take place around Easter, where Jacknife would steal kids' eggs and toys and wind up apprehended by Jailbot. After the creative team took more interest in the little girl, she wound up becoming the focus of the plot.
    • The "Inner Child" was initially just a younger version of the Warden, and a "friendly, annoying kid" who would try to befriend Cancer and play with her. It was felt that the plot would work better if he was a monster that would want to kill her.
  • When Jailbot carries Cancer past a Superjail version of Mt. Rushmore, with his, Alice, Jared, and the Warden's faces carved into it.
    • If you look closely in Ash's cell, you can see the burnt-up body of an unfortunate cellmate.
    • The two gay inmates are briefly depicted at Cancer's party in the first establishing shot, both wearing party hats and conversing with another inmate.
  • The song that Ash sings at the end of the episode is a parody of Eternal Flame by The Bangles.


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