Lord Stingray
Vital statistics
Role (Lord) Stingray
Gender Male
Voiced by Eric Bauza
In episode(s) Lord Stingray Crash Party, Vacation, Stingstress, Gay Wedding, Superjail Grand Prix, Burn Stoolie Burn, Superhell!, The Superjail Six

Appearance Edit

Lord Stingray wears a black spandex, with red glasses, cape, yellow armor and stingray-shaped helmet, hence his name. He is armed with many gadgets to help fend off enemies or assist his allies.

History Edit

Lord Stingray's history is relatively unknown, but he was shown to have had a complex army and base of operations. When the "human" army attacked Stingray's base, he fled and eventually crashed on the wrong rendezvous-island, which was of course the place where Superjail is built on. After being spotted by the Warden, who saw him as someone to be admired, he was taken back to Superjail by Jailbot. Judging from the expression made by Jailbot, Alice, and Jared, they neither liked him nor found him interesting. When he saw that Superjail had strong fortifications, he decided to take advantage of the Warden's hospitality as a part of the plan on taking over the island. After his attempted invasion failed, he tried to escape but was apprehended in the end. His gadgets and some parts of his armor were stripped off, leaving him at the mercy of the other convicts. He is currently an inmate in Superjail. He has made several attempts to take over Superjail


Lord Stingray has a very hot-headed and conniving personality. He is charismatic, being able to sway the Warden, though it doesn't take much, with words and having the capacity to command a whole army for his own gain. He will do anything to get what he wants. Despite a rather selfish personality, he still showed a sense of camaraderie, he did not forget about his allies and even had the Warden invite all of them over. But this could just be him being practical since it's obvious that he can't take over Superjail alone. He quickly fled after noticing his comrades losing. After being imprisoned and sexually abused by his roommate, he still kept a strong attitude and is rather unfazed by what was going on around him. During the rest of the series he is trying to take over superjail or more like show his superiority with little success.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

The Warden - Stingray found the Warden to be "clingy" and annoying. He ended up using the man's child-like trust to take over Superjail. However, when he failed, the Warden ended up imprisoning him out of pure contempt. He was thrown into a cell with a man who was implied to have raped him off screen. Imprisoning him with this convict was most likely done on purpose. Stingray no longer has the Warden's trust and it looks like he won't be getting it anytime soon. Nevertheless they still spend quite a lots of time together when superjail is in trouble.

The Mistress - When the Mistress took over Superjail, they hooked up as Stingray expected to repeat same trick as with warden and take over but turned into a toy off the Mistress. However both began to resent the relationship. Stingray hated her domineering attitude, she thought of him as a wimp. After her fling with Alice they officially broke up

Fang - Stingray is very protective and cares very much for Fang, as he is almost always with him. he loves that boy and that boy loves him.

The Inmates - Stingray usually gets along with some of them and tends to use them in a few of his plots as seen in Vacation. The inmates look up to him as a leader.

Stingboy - He is the apprentice of Stingray. It is unknown how Stingboy got into Superjail. He is somewhat of a nuisance to Stingray, but overall they get along very well.

Abilities Edit

Lord Stingray's abilities are mostly confined to his suit of armor, being able to launch mini-rockets and other weapons. Lord Stingray also had a gigantic army under his command along with his wife, Mistress Killda and her boyfriend, Catastro.


  • According to Christy, Lord Stingray's voice actor was originally recast due to being too similar to the Monarch from Venture Bros.
  • He is one of only two who, without a doubt, survived the events of "Burn Stoolie Burn".