Jean Baptiste Le Ghei
Vital statistics
Role The Gay Couple
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Bunny Love,
Ladies Night (Cameo),
Don't Be A Negaton,
Dream Machine,
Time-Police Part 1 (Cameo in Future Version Form),
Best Friends Forever,
Mayhem Donor,
Lord Stingray Crash Party,
Hotchick (Cameo),
Gay Wedding

Jean Baptiste Le Ghei and Paul are in many of the episodes, and usually work along with the underground circles of Superjail inmates.


While not all the circumstances for his incarceration are known, Jared noted that he was in for attacking his father. This means that Jean may have attempted to murder his father.

He was also the leader of the Purple Pythons, which appear to be a gay gang that fought with its rival gang Double Rainbows. Currently, both gangs are dissolved since the leaders Paul and Jean are a couple now.


Jean is the less flamboyant one of the couple, and is more interested in keeping buff. He has a mustache that is strongly reminiscent of the late Freddie Mercury's.

The concept of Superjail's "gay couple" is a large source of comic relief throughout the first season. They make appearances in half of the aired episodes and are shown to argue like a married couple.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Bird and Gary - Jean works with them from time to time in the first season. In season two, it appears that they work on a lot of projects together.