Vital statistics
Role Jarum
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Time-Police Part 2

Jarum worked with the Warden's Father and played a role similar to Jared.


Jarum seems to be a calm and collected person as seen by how he maintained a quiet demeanor despite the hysterical outbursts of the Warden's father and when he informed the teary eyed-warden he'll be the youngest warden after seeing his father die right in front of him.


Jarum is first seen in a flashback during Time-Police Part 2, where he and the warden's father enter the office where the young warden is playing with his toys. Jarum is shown being yelled by his boss but appears unaffected by the constant ranting and watches as he yells at his young son's diagram of his dream prison (which would later become reality).

Jarum is depicted as calm when the warden's father slips, falls out the window and lands in a noose where he soon dies from being hung. He then informs the small traumatized teary-eyed warden who witnessed the whole event "Looks like you've become the youngest known warden".

It is unknown what happened to Jarum after that but he probably took care of the warden after his boss passed away before dying himself as there is a skeleton that looks remarkably like him in the episode Ghosts    



A corpse that looks suspiciously like Jarum

  • He appears to have died before the series, as seen in the episode Ghosts, a corpse that looks extremely similar to Jarum can be seen in the graveyard.