Jailbot 2.0
Season 2, Episode 207
Air date May 15, 2011
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Jailbot 2.0 is the seventh episode of season two.



Jailbot breaks down, in need of repairs. instead of repairing Jailbot, The Warden gets a new Jailbot, Jailbot 2.0, who manages to take over the entire Superjail.


  • Jailbot was not the first robot the Warden made, but is the one who made most of Superjail.
  • Jared said in a flashback he got caught working for the mafia, unbeknownst to him, and was sent to jail, lucky he was then sent to Superjail and showed the Warden how to improve the place. The Warden offered him a job to get his sentence commuted which Jared took after the Perverted Inmate stated sexual desires for him.
  • Alice said in a flashback she was orignally a male guard at her old prison named Al. She fell in love with her old warden and had a sex change, but finds out her warden was gay. The Warden arrived and offered her a job after her boss fired her after falling in love with her unaware "she" was a transgender.
  • Jailbot was given a tune-up when old robots took out their parts to fix Jailbot.
  • The intro of this episode has Jailbot taking Jackknife out of Superjail and returns him to town safely, then starts killing normal people.
  • Jailbot 2.0 is a parody about iPhones, looking like a large floating iPhone.


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