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Role Defense and maintenance robot for Superjail
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Jailbot is a sentient robot created by The Warden to perform various tasks around Superjail, including defense and overall maintenance of the jail, not to mention (re)capturing Jacknife. Along with the Warden, Jared, and Alice, Jailbot comprises one-fourth of Superjail's primary workforce, preferring to take the role of a destructive jail-keeper alongside Alice.


Jailbot creation

Jailbot's creation.

The Warden apparently conceived the idea of Jailbot as a child, as seen in a flashback in "Time-Police Part 2", where he is shown building an early design of Superjail out of Lego bricks, along with a "little flying man to watch over it" with Jailbot's appearance.

In "Jailbot 2.0", the Warden describes Jailbot's conception as "his finest hour"; he says that Jailbot has been at the Superjail site since its very beginning and that he helped build the site, though it is revealed later in the episode that Jailbot superseded several other earlier robots built by the Warden. Nonetheless, Jailbot has established himself as Superjail's primary source of defense for most of its history and has a far closer attachment to the Warden than any of his prototypes.

In certain episodes Jailbot has been incapacitated in the line of duty, though by the end he is fully functional again; in "Best Friends Forever", he is shot down in hostile territory while transporting Jacknife to Superjail; in "Jailbot 2.0", he begins malfunctioning and is replaced with Jailbot 2.0, though is later repaired; and in "Burn Stoolie Burn" he apparently burns to death in the Superjail fire at the end of the episode, though by the next episode, "Superhell!", he is well and alive.


With the exception of the episodes "Time-Police Part 2", "Jailbot 2.0", and "Superhell!" where the intro in these episodes are completely different, then the two episodes "The Budding of the Warbuxx", & "Last Pack", which both lacked a Jacknife Intro, Jailbot is seen at the beginning of every episode capturing Jacknife and taking him to Superjail(and sometimes adducting other characters like Monster Convict in "Cold-Blooded", Franco in "Superjail Grand Prix" and a Female Counterpart of Jacknife in "Stingstress"). He is indisputably very skilled at his job, using a vast variety of disguises, weapons and defense mechanisms for his duties, whether it be capturing Jackknife, beating down inmates, general maintenance of the prison, or simply doing the Warden's bidding. A more comprehensive list of Jailbot's duties is seen in "Best Friends Forever", which the Warden attempts to carry out in Jailbot's absence, to no avail.

Jailbot has also occasionally been seen doing traditional computer work, such as in "Ladies Night" where he is seen trying to fix the Ultraprison ship, though he does nothing but repeatedly beat down the circuit panel with a hammer, prompting Nova to call his operating system outdated, much to his chagrin. It was said in "Jailbot 2.0" that Jailbot helped build most of Superjail.


Jailbot is seemingly a kill-for-fun sadist, keeping his amused expression nearly the whole time as he rips through places ensuing destruction. Jailbot often kills people who get in his path when trying to take an inmate, showing remorse only for young children. As he does not speak, Jailbot shows his emotions and opinions by changing his facial expressions on his dot-matrix screen, occasionally showing a picture that describes his feeling or explains occurrence.

Despite the murderous and ruthless personality he manifests in his duties, he does have a softer side. His built-in heart matrix enables him to feel love and disappointment, among other emotions.[1] Jailbot usually attempts to cheer up younger children who end up coming across his path in his attempts to capture Jackknife, along with the dying Cancer in "Mr. Grumpy-Pants". Jailbot also has a special affinity for the Warden and even for his co-workers, whom he has been seen hugging on certain occasions. In "Jean, Paul, Beefy and Alice", he desperately seeks romantic companionship and later falls in love with an alien fungus, going to great lengths to defend it even after it infects Superjail with a contagious virus.

Jailbot also has a libido of sorts, and he has been seen engaging in dry sex with a vending machine in "Ladies Night" and "Superfail!" (in the latter episode Jailbot also joins the inmates in viewing porn on the jail computers, ogling over images of photocopiers).


Jailbot has a number of built-in features and mechanisms. He has multiple retractable arms which he dispatches by opening his sides, of which usually have claws or blades at the ends, but can also produce automatic weapons like mini-guns, regular machine guns, or RPG's. His arms are nearly indestructible, though given enough force, they will break. He is also capable of shapeshifting into anything from a car to a person, an ability he usually uses to disguise himself while capturing Jackknife.

Jailbot also seems to be completely bulletproof and virtually indestructible, though in more recent episodes following the first season he has been seen getting destroyed or damaged quite easily. It seems that Jailbot's only weakness is depleting his batteries, as he can regenerate from any damage if he has enough power or gets charged.

In "The Trouble with Triples", it has been shown that Jailbot can transform into armor to increase his wearer's combat capabilities, which he does with Alice.

In "Oedipus Mess", it is shown that Jailbot is able to split into multiple smaller versions of himself in order to perform arrests on a global scale, what suggests that he is based on nanotechnology and explains his morphing and regeneration abilities.

Jailbot's other built-in mechanisms include a vacuum cleaner,[2] a broom and dustpan,[3] a lighter,[3] a vibrator,[4] a nacho dispenser,[4] a VHS port, an MP3 player, a charging port,[1][5] a floppy disk drive, and scales of justice (permanently set to "Guilty").[1] He is apparently also capable of proper speech (hence the presence of a speaker below his facial interface), but he does not speak as a result of directives issued by the Warden.[1]

Associated Characters

The Warden

As his creator and boss, Jailbot is very protective of The Warden and will do practically anything that he bids of him. It is established that Jailbot sees the Warden as a father figure, such as in "Dream Machine", where Jailbot has a dream about being The Warden's son. In "Jean, Paul, Beefy and Alice", it is shown that he loves the Warden to the point he is even willing to kill the strange alien fungus he had fallen in love with after realizing that it had infected the Warden.

Jared and Alice

Jailbot and his co-workers Jared and Alice are generally good partners and allies to each other, and in many episodes they work together during fights or riots. Both Jared and Alice are seen to be happy when Jailbot is around.

Upon seeing Jared being beaten up by several inmates in "Best Friends Forever", Jailbot kills them and in an act of kindness offers Jared Jackknife's winning lottery scratch ticket.


Jailbot and Jackknife possess a cop and robber relationship, and in nearly every episode Jailbot is seen capturing Jackknife and transporting him to Superjail, often brutally beating Jackknife up in the process. Jailbot knows Jacknife's possessions and weaknesses, and a running gag involves Jailbot taking the form of sexually attractive women in order to strike Jacknife by surprise.

However, in "Best Friends Forever", it is established that they do care for each other somewhat, and they spend most of the episode helping each other survive after getting stranded in hostile territory. At the end of the episode, Jailbot even lets Jackknife go free instead of jailing him, shedding a tear as he watches Jackknife run free.


Jailbot has much contempt for Nova, his female counterpart on the Ultraprison, due to her uptight personality and her dismissing of him as an outdated operating system. Nonetheless, he ends up having robotic sex with her (after much resistance) in "Ladies Night" after a Spanish fly enters her system and causes her to lustfully chase after him, accidentally downloading a virus from her in the process.



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