I was at the carnival and I was looking for some money then I saw some fat kid by a pop the ballons with darts stall,so a told him I wanted to play, so I took the darts and faked to aim at the ballons then I threw the darts at his face, he started crying so I took the cash register and a stuffed bear,then the cops started running after me,I looked for a way of escape.I saw some rich looking guy,his wife and what looked like his daugter riding a speed boat,I hopped on and kicked the man and wife off the boat and gave the girl the stuffed bear.The police were catching up so I put the speed boat in full speed but all of a sudden a big white boat stared knocking the other boats aside I look behide to see that it was that robot that got me last time and is after me again.The robot turned into his normal self and grabbed me and took me to Superjail again.When he drops me off at my cell I stay in there for a few hours intill I get this invitation for the Grand Opening Of Super Bar! So i went had a few drinks was there for about two hours and all of a sudden a huge flood swooped in and took everyone in it including me but I found an escape route through a chunk of the prision wall that was opened so I swam my way to freedom.When I got back to the real world I was looking for a house to rob I look in a window and saw the same girl I gave the teddy bear to,that's weird,ah well,I'm still going to rob it though.