Jacknife's Father
Vital statistics
Role Father of Jacknife
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Lord Stingray Crash Party


Jacknife's father is a mean and alcohol-loving man. He is the father of career criminal Jacknife as well as the paternal grandfather of jacknife's young son.

He appeared in the episode, "Lord Stingray Crash Party" in Jacknife's flashback as taking his son's toys to sell for alcohol, which made Jacknife cry and most likely led up to his son's future criminal escapedes. Jacknife (as an adult) sees a child playing with toys in the park he is shown very emotional as he remembers his time without toys. This led to him getting up and pushing the young boy away and play with the toys before jailbot appeared and arrested him.  

He also appeared in "Ghosts". Jacknife and his father,(a ghost) run into each other. They cry and then hug, probably because of Jacknife missing him, and start punching each other like the others. Later on the two are shown back on the otherside and you can still see them fighting while the other spirits are just relaxing in the land between.