The Hunter in her female form
Vital statistics
Role The Hunter
Gender Female[1]
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Hot Chick
The Superjail Inquisitor

Hunter is a messenger sent from the Twins' home planet. Though at first she is portrayed as someone wishing to kill the Twins as they are the last of their species, it is revealed that she is actually the family pet of the Twins' father, Ozzal, whom has sent her to collect them to bring them back home because they have overrun the year their father allowed them to holiday on Earth. The story about the Twins being the last of their race was a lie, fabricated as a 'sob story' to convince the inmates to help them escape Hunter.

The crystal she wears has the power to capture the Twins inside of it so she can transport them back to their father, but she is eventually taken down during the course of the episode she appears in, and is trapped inside her own crystal. Alice then keeps this crystal, still containing Hunter.


Hunter's natural form is that of a blob who acts like a dog, but after absorbing Jacknife's memories, she takes on the form of a human woman that seems to be most comfortable without any clothing (as is a dog to blob).

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • The Twins - She is the family pet of their family and has been sent to retrieve them.
  • Ozzal - Is the owner of her and appears to care somewhat about her.
  • The Warden - He develops a crush on her due to her free spirit and attractiveness, unaware she is actually just a dog in human form.
  • Alice - Initially Alice tries to befriend her, but they fall out when Alice sees The Hunter kissing an inmate that Alice likes. (This was not from spite; Hunter was attempting to gather information from the inmate- see Abilities below) but gets revenge when she captures hunter and says "Got your bling bitch"!
  • Jared - Because the Warden has feelings for The Hunter, Jared loses his job after The Warden catches her "gathering information" from him (see above) which causes Jared being fired and in turn feeling hatred toward the Hunter.
  • Jacknife - They "kiss" so she can make out her form. Jacknife wants to kiss her again but she rejects him.
  • The Triplets - After she was accidentally broken free from her own crystal prison, the Triple immediately took her back to their home planet and claiming her as their pet now.

Abilities Edit

As would be expected of a dog or blob, she is a keen hunter, thus gaining her name. She can also drain memories from a person by kissing them, whereby her tongue latches onto the person's brain. The crystal around her neck also gives her the ability to capture the Twins, as well as prevent them from teleporting.

She has also displayed to be a very strong and powerful combatant,as she was able to easily knock out Alice,kill her way through several armed but would be somewhat difficulty (and unarmed) inmates and even managed to disable Jailbot,before finally being taken down by The Warden's ship crashing down on top of her. And even then she seemed to only be deterred for a short time by it.



  1. Ozzal called her a her at the of Episode "Hotchick" when talking with The Twins