Hot Chick
Season 2, Episode 204
Air date April 24, 2011
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Hot Chick is the fourth episode of season two.



The Warden chooses an alien who crashes into Superjail to be the new guard. But the alien is the family dog tracking the Twins down to bring them back to their planet. Meanwhile, The Warden falls in love with the new guard (because she formed herself into a woman who is naked), or more her body, so he takes his clothes off also (leaving his hat, gloves, glasses, and bowtie on). He starts flirting with "Hunter" while she tracks down the Twins, who try to escape because they have a malfunction in their transporting powers. In the end they capture Hunter in the crystal that holds her powers, which the Warden takes on dates. Alice has a convict bound and gagged to her bed at the end.


  • This episode covers a lot of the Twins' back story.
  • This is the second time that the Twins are actually more than a 7 second cameo.
  • During the last part of the episode, the Hunter's body changes from bloody to clean.
  • Combaticus makes a brief cameo appearance in the sky.
  • Jacknife can be seen "swimming" up the alien beam near the end of the episode.