The Gay Couple completely surrounded by Giant Insects.

The Giant Insects are large, carnivorous flies, wasps, bees and other bugs created by The Warden for his science fair project, The "Terrorarium". The insects appear in "Terrorarium" and "Time-Police Part 2"

In "Terrorarium", the insects are shown when six convicts(two of them are Jacknife and Indian Convict or a lookalike) are chosen to be put into the Terrorarium. The convicts try to survive as best as they can. In the end, Jacknife wins but drinks a serum that makes insects attracted to him. This happened because The Twins had switched the growth serum out with the insect serum. So, Jacknife is chased by ferocious insects.

Towards the end of the episode, the Terrorarium is destroyed and lets all of the insects out. Many convicts are killed, but some of them find ways to kill the other insects. Jailbot kills some, and when The Gay Couple is completely surrounded by bugs, the Strongest Cockroach appears and beats the insects down. After the terrorarium is destroyed the insects eat away Superjail's large grass and fly away.

In "Time-Police Part 2", the insects appear with the other things when The Warden disrupts the fabric of space-time. A large fly eats a Pirate Skeleton but is then eaten by Bobo.