Season 2, Episode 206
Air date May 08, 2011
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Ghosts is the sixth episode of season two.



The episode begins with what seems to be a new couple in a haunted house. One of the ghosts jump into the cart and takes their cash, taking off their costume to reveal that it's Jackknife. He walks away to bump into another ghost who happens to be Jailbot. Jackknife runs away while Jailbot destroys the pedestrians in his way, after which he puts Jackknife in a cotton candy machine and a fryer which fries him. They then proceed on the journey to Superjail.

         The opening scenes begin.

We see Jared taking pictures of the Warden, while the Warden talks about them. Jared gets tired and makes an excuse to leave; he walks out to a penny presser and hands a prisoner the undeveloped photos. While the prisoner is busy developing the photos, he is shocked by one of said picture's contents and runs out, yelling "Stop the presses!" A prisoner is then sucked through a penny press killing him as the lights flicker on and off. Jared then holds up the paper with the picture of a smiling Warden surrounded by dead people. Cut to the finished paper, with the title saying "Superjail - Haunted?!?!" The Warden keeps saying he doesn't believe in tabloid journalism and is sceptic of the ghosts' existence, while Jared keeps on producing 'proof' they do exist (while they go up the Jailbot-operated elevator, the prisoners are being killed by paranormal forces as Jared narrates).

The Warden goes to his quarters, where he starts to run a shower that runs blood instead of water, and while he looks at himself in the mirror, it clouds up as faint words on it state the Warden must die. He wipes it off to reveal a zombie-like ghost behind him, which he ignores due to the fact he has several blackheads. The blackheads start talking and fighting each other, but don't finish as the Warden plucks them. More blackheads spawn relentlessly, until he has completely torn apart his own face. He then wakes up reaveld it was just a nightmare until he is picked up by paranormal forces and is bounced about his room several times and thrown out his window, falling into a grave with a corps (that resembles jarum) and sinks into the ground falling into the sewers that has snakes as he is carried down the passage and ends up coming up into a bathroom through Jared's toilet where he latches to Jared's head in fear proceeding on to state that he is infact being haunted.

The Warden goes to the gay couple for help where the feminine one states that by simply rearranging the furniture they can restore Superjail's chi which it fails to do so.He then goes(with Jared now)to a witch doctor prisioner who tells him the ghost won't leave until they've exacted revenge on the Warden for the wrongs he's done to the innocent by killing him. The Warden then goes to the doctor for an explanation that he hopes will solve the problem. The doctor proceeds to explain to the Warden that they must kill him in order for him to fix this issue, in which at first The Warden disagrees until the doctor explains that he has a plan to revive him, which gets The Warden to reluctantly agrees to let him do so.

The Warden arrives in the spirit world after the doctor kills him and sees millions of spirit prisioners and tries to bargain with them by offering them pardons which pisses them off remembering that he let them rot in Superjail and attack him while he begs for help. Meanwhile jared is demanding the doctor to revive the warden which he does but also releases all the other spirits from The Warden' mouth as he breaths heavy for a few seconds before falling back dead again and begins to converse with the problem an aztec warden who is stuck in the gateway to the otherside. The other spirits then begin to wreak havoc on superjail with only alice and jaibot holding them off as the doctor flees from the horrific scene on a jetpack proclaiming "I am a scientist ; I don't believe in ghosts !!!"  Jared tries to revive the warden again but ends up being elctrocuted killing himself causing him to land in the spirit world with the warden and remaining spirits .The Warden introduces Jared to the aztec warden,who starts going on about Jared's huge head. After a few more banters from both wardens Jared angrily headbutts the aztect warden into the hole and sucks them all in (including the spirit prisioners) the hole shows a giant line of spirits going into a house.When its The Warden and Jared who reach the guardian he stops them and states "not yet" and they are sent back the Warden wakes along with Jared asking Jared despite all that had happened why he was ontop of him while Jared asks him why it smelled like he had brushed his teeth with dead people. It then shows Alice and Jailbot looking out the window with Alice stating "This house is clean" and shows the outside where spirits have been brought back as plants, the ones turned into grass end up being mowed by the Warden while he states "Its good to be alive."


  • The corpse that The Warden encounters resembles Jarum, the assistant of his father.
  • This episode was suppose to bring back Cancer, but she along with Ash end up only making a cameo.
  • Paul Guaye spoke of Feng shui, which is widely used concept of space in s spiritual since.
  • This is the first episode where Jackknife did not escape from Superjail and the first where he died but we don't see his corpse just his spirit fighting with his deceased father.
  • It was revealed that Jackknife's father had died possibly sometime after Jackknife became a criminal.


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