Vital statistics
Role Gary
Gender Male
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In episode(s) Bunny Love, Superbar, Mr. Grumpy-Pants, Last Pack

Gary works along with Bird. He rarely talks, preferring to let Bird do the "speaking" for both of them.


While he never talks, it’s clear that Bird and him are running the show at Superjail. He and Bird share a strong relationship. In one scene Bird was hungry, Gary opened a small tin full of worms with which he took one worm, chewed it up, and allowed Bird to eat from his mouth. It has also been said that Bird may be the reason why Gary is in Superjail in the first place.

In "Uh Oh, It's Magic" he speaks for the first time through a dummy, but has his vocal cords cut out by the end and swallowed by a rat. In It is also revealed that his tongue had been cut out previously. Furthermore, while he rarely speaks, he is a skilled ventriloquist and used the ability to manipulate the Warden, Jared, and the Inmates through the Warden's ventriloquist dummy.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Bird - They work together all the time, and seem to be best of friends.
  • Jean Baptiste Le Ghei & Paul Guaye - They have worked with Gary and Bird a lot of the time. Seems that Jean is the closer of friends with them, and always gets Paul to go along with it.
  • Smart Convict & Indian Convict - Gary seems to like the working relationship they have and he trusts the two in many of Smart Convict's schemes.
  • Fatty - It's clear that Gary and Bird hate his odd advances, but they have worked together before.
  • Ash - Gary seems to get along well with Ash, and Ash is willing to work with anyone who cares about Cancer.


  • Given his intellect and his close attatchment to Bird, it's entirely possible that Gary's persona is based off of a real life convict named Robert Stroud (better known as "The Birdman of Alcatraz".)
  • Gary's surname is Sedi, according to what can bee seen on his digital file in season 2 episode 4 (Hotchick), when Hunter is on the computer.
    • In season 3 episode 2 ("Superfail!"), we can see Gary and Bird being users of "Jailstream" under the username HOORay4BOOtay.
  • Gary's inmate number is MA59RG0.
Gary's Digital File