Vital statistics
Role Italian Racing Champion
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Superjail Grand Prix

Franco was an Italian Racing Champion who appeared in Superjail Grand Prix.


Franco was a racing champion and was unbeatable according to the newspaper titled "Can Anyone Beat Franco?". He won a championship and was about to be awarded with his trophie until Jacknife was drinking and pissing inside Franco's trophie. Franco then tackles Jacknife and getting ready to beat him, until Jailbot grabbed Franco and Jacknife and took both of them to Superjail.


Franco is a perfectionist, unbeatable race-car driver who was asked by the Warden to help him win a race in Superjail. He was convinced to help the Warden when Stingray tormented him. During the race his hands were bitten off and the Warden was forced to finished the race. After the Warden lost, Franco gives the warden his mustache for good luck and dies, possibly from lack of blood due to his hands being bitten off.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Jacknife - Franco hates Jacknife, a result of beating him up after pissing in his trophie.

The Warden - Franco and the Warden develope a friendship after Franco agreed to help him win the race against Stingray and everyone else in Superjail.


  • Franco's race car number is 12 according to the signs that people were holding at the beginning of the episode.