Dream Machine
Season 1, Episode 103
Air date November 23, 2008
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Time-Police Part 1

Dream Machine is the eighth episode of season 1.



The Warden is out at dinner with Alice when he is wakes to find himself in a riot. After he, Alice, and Jared are killed, he wakes up once again. The Warden calls an emergency meeting in the middle of the night, convinced that a riot is about to erupt. To monitor the inmates, he decides to create a Dream Machine to survey the inmate's dreams. After a while, he decides to monitor Alice, Jared, and Jailbot's dreams too. Superjail becomes overcome with insomnia, as the inmates, Jared, and Alice are afraid to fall asleep (due to the Warden's intruding appearances in their dreams). The twins cause mischief by seeping sleeping gas into the whole prison; everyone, including the Warden, start to dream together. In true Superjail fashion, a bloodbath begins, with the twins creating havoc through the Dream Machine. It ends with a real-life man dressed as the Warden waking up on a busy street in a pile of beers, so that it appears as if the whole episode was a dream. However, once the man gets up and moves, the camera zooms in on a poster of the Warden's eyes and the statement, "We're watching you."