The Doctor amazed and in love with the Donor Monster.

The Donor Monster is a living, destructive blob made up of blood, guts, organs, and limbs of convicts. It made its important appearance in "Mayhem Donor".

The monster was created when The Twins threw an electric device at barrels full of the convicts' bodily things. The electricity brought the mess to life. Soon after, the Donor Monster finds The Doctor, who becomes amazed and excited. The Doctor then becomes the "controller" of the monster by being inside it. The monster goes on a rampage, eating convicts and causing damage to Superjail.

The Warden finds out about the problem and decides to take it down using Jailbot. Jailbot does not succeed, however, and the monster sucks him into the mass. Jailbot breaks out, and the Superjail staff run away, along with Gary, Bird, The Gay Couple, and Grey Beard Convict. The eight people (Not including Jared) jump into Warden's Superjail Mecha-Drill to try to lead the creature to a lava hole. This attempt fails, so Alice takes control and tries to fight the monster with drills. This also fails, and the team is almost going to die when Jared comes along. He fires a bazooka at the Donor Monster, but even this fails. Jared then tells the peices and limbs of the monster to remember their racial differences and fight, since the monster is made of of so many races of convicts. The monster couldn't handle all the fighting, and it blows up in a mushy, bloody mess. Jared is then congratulated by The Warden for saving the day.