D. L. Diamond
Vital statistics
Role D. L. Diamond
Gender Male
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In episode(s) Don't Be A Negaton

D. L. Diamond


In public, he pretends to be a laid-back, Michael Jackson-esqe stage performer, yet in reality, Darryl "The Dying" Diamond is a horribly ravaged and unrefined criminal. Similar to Jacknife, a criminal who is known for his share of committing crimes disgusting and sickening to other humans. Darryl's crimes are shown to be just as or if not worse than Jacknifes as his list of crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Impersonating the handicapped
  • Raping a donkey
  • Spraypainting the elderly
  • Swallowing gum, etc

When he was in danger he immediately told his back-up dancer Amber who he had just slept with in a calm and and non-caring attitude " If we make out of this Amber. I don't think it's going to work out between us" showing that he cares more for himself than others. Also he is shown to be very greedy as when being held by the Galactoids he only offered a small percent of the money and profits he earned from Superjail and declared that he wouldn't go too far with that offer.  However, all that change when he found that the aliens he thought were made-up were real and were exactly depicted as he said they were to the people of Superjail and he partied with them throughout their voyage. 

He makes a short cameo in "Planet Radio"


Jared was the only one who knew of Diamond's checkered past, as the Warden, Jailbot, Alice, and the inmates were too happily content with Diamond's promise of introducing them to the Galactoids. Diamond later hopped everyone (including, somehow, Jared) on a hallucinogenic dust (most likely angel dust, or, as Diamond labeled them, "Galactic Space Dust"), thus forcing everyone into a hideously nightmarish hallucination that later solidifies into an actual occurrence. Luckily, the Galactoids (whom Diamond thought were made up) came by, destroyed all the trolls and monsters (as well as a few of the inmates) and kidnapped D.L. into the night sky to welcome him to an intergalactic party. Oddly enough, nobody even cares that Diamond hopped them up on angel dust or that he stole all their profits during their drug trip (mostly by way of convincing the inmates to buy his phony "Power pyramid" stress-reducing products) and instead choose to blame Jared for not allowing them to meet the Galactiods. While flying in outer space darryl begged the Galactoids to spare his life and even offered the aliens money or the profits he earned if they were to spare him. Luckily the galactoids were shown to be as he had told everyone of Superjail they stated "We're the galactoids ! Welcome aboard now let's party!!!" to which the relieved darryl stated "Now you're speaking my language" and proceeded to party with the aliens. 

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Alice - Diamond seemed to show affection towards her. However, when Alice shoved her disgusting, sweat-covered panties in his mouth he gagged then said "That is one funky chick!"