Season 1, Episode 102
Air date October 5, 2008
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Combaticus is the second episode of season 1.



The episode begins off with Jacknife grave stealing. He digs up a third coffin to find a recently deceased woman. As Jacknife was getting ready to have his way with the corpse Jailbot flies out and grabs him by the crotch and then takes him away, then starts the intro.

After that the convicts are seen outside all being bored, then in the next scene The Warden, Jared, Alice, and Jailbot are underground looking around, having fun (well, other than Jared who is afraid of caves). Jailbot chases a scorpion (Gore- the Pamelonian god of war.) while the rest discover the ancient city of Pamelonia. Jared then reads that it's an ancient city that world host fights. From there The Warden gets the idea to deal with the boredom that The Doctor described as a "depression" with the grand opening of "Fight City". The Twins then are seen at their Control Room as they both give their green blood to the creation of something.

Meanwhile, the grand opening begins with the promise that the one who wins is set free. The fighting begins with two convicts and then after one died then more were put in the ring. Meanwhile, The Twins have now made Combaticus which is then in the next scene introduced to Fight City. He kills tons of convicts, and that was ruining The Warden's plans so he calls the Doctor and had Specimen 7 released. It begins to fight, and while that was happening Jailbot finally caught up with the scorpion which turned into the war god Gore. However, Jailbot killed him. After that the whole fight city dome starts falling in which ended the fight between Combaticus and Specimen 7. Specimen 7 rescues The Warden while Combaticus saves the Twins. At the end of the episode the Twins throw the ashes of Combaticus and he shows up in the stars declaring he is the new god of war.