Vital statistics
Role Cancer, the Sweet Little Girl
Gender Female
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In episode(s) Mr. Grumpy-Pants

Mayhem Donor

Ghosts (cameo)

Oedipus Mess (cameo)

Cancer (incorrectly pronounced "Sanser" by Convicts)


"Cancer" is a sweet, funloving child who is afflicted with cancer, the inmates mistake the word CANCER on her bracelet for her name.

She is seen in the season 4 premier, when everyone thinks of their worst memories.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Ash - They became best friends during the episode, and numerous times, Ash protected her.
  • Alice - Cancer calls Alice "Momma". Afterwards Alice gives Cancer a makeover and prolonged Cancer's life by accident numerous times (through darts) and on purpose once.


  • According to the memorial picture at the end of the episode, she was four years old. (2004-2008)
  • She can talk, but does so very little, only saying "love you!" when an inmate is unable to read it from a storybook and "Momma" towards Alice.
  • Cancer was accidentally let into Superjail through a bag of pills stolen by Jacknife. Jailbot carried Jacknife into Superjail along with the pill bag, and Cancer was originally meant to be incinerated, but was saved by Ash.
  • In the pilot episode, Bunny Love, the girl in the backseat of the car that Jacknife steals in the beginning looks a lot like Cancer. Her inferred father dies, creating a backstory that ties her to Superjail before Mr. Grumpy-Pants which explains why she was in the orphanage. This shows a generally rough life, knowing that her father was probably her last parent and Jacknife (the person who brought her into Superjail in Mr. Grumpy-Pants) killed him.
  • Superjail creators said that, if the show was renewed, they would probably do an episode where Cancer comes back as a ghost. This later proven true with a quick cameo in episode 2. Yet again in episode 6 she makes a cameo.
  • Out of all the killings and deaths, Warden's Father and her are the only known deaths that remain canon.
  • During the season 2 episode "Mayhem Donor", just after the Warden drills into the volcano using his drilling robot, a blue ghost of Cancer can be seen reading a book to Ash while deep beneath the earth.
  • In the into to the episode Oedipus Mess there is a memorial statue of Cancer as Jailbot hauls Jacknife away. There is a plaque that reads " Cancer Memorial Park 2004-2008".
  • In Terrorarium, a girl resembling Cancer appears as a missing child on a carton of milk.
  • A giant version of Cancer appears in Superhell! as a projection of Ash's saddest memory.