Best Friends Forever
Season 2, Episode 203
Air date April 03, 2011
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Best Friends Forever is the first episode of season two.



The episode begins with Jacknife waiting in line for a lottery. He then kills and/or beats up everyone in line and takes some tickets. He scratches them to reveal that he has won $100, to which he becomes stuck in a frozen position of joy. Jailbot breaks out of a building but is disappointed by Jacknife's lack of reaction he then scans the tickets, and crunches Jacknife into a square and flies away into the outer worlds, starting the episode. However, Jailbot only passes through one world when a giant cyclops throws a large boulder and him, damaging his screen and making him shut down. Jacknife immediately notices and tries to to wake him up, but slams down to the ground. Jacknife then looks up to see cowboys and dinosaurs running toward him. He screams, and we are then shown the Superjail Surveillance Center, headed by Jared and run by the convicts. Jared is frustrated to hear the news, so he decides to put on a wager of who will survive or not. Alice joins his gambling business later. The Warden wakes up and is upset that his whole day was off because Jailbot was not there to wake him up and get him ready for the day. Jared lies to him that he doesn't know where Jailbot is, so The Warden has to complete Jailbot's duties. The Warden tries to refuse, but accepts it anyway after Alice sweet talks him into doing it, causing him to change his mind.

Jailbot and Jacknife are still in the outer worlds at this point. Jalibot has reactivated again. However, Jailbot's systems were weak, so he has to put an electric collar on Jacknife which electrocutes him when he's outside Jailbot's perimeter to keep him near and under control. The two are shown in a jungle area. Jacknife spots a large dinner table with delicious meats and other delicacies. He tries to eat a large drumstick, but Jailbot shocks him. Jacknife whirls around angrily to scream at vicious animals behind Jailbot, who has no idea they are there. Jailbot notices and kills them, but gets knocked down and got shutdown again.

Meanwhile in Superjail, The Warden is still struggling to do Jailbot's duties all by himself. He then later thought of becoming Jailbot instead of temporary replacing him, so The Warden wears stuffs like empty TV's and cardboard box to mimic Jailbot's appearance. He then proceeds to try to capture Jacknife in the outer worlds.

Superjail regains transmission and sees the two "Jailbots" with Jacknife, and the inmates angrily accuse Jared, of having something to do with it. Jared tries to explain but lets it slip that he had previously altered the events causing the inmates to grab him and beat him up.

Jailbot reactivates again and attacks the crazed Warden knocking him as his costume falls off causing Jailbot to realize his actions. Jacknife gets up and proceeds to attack the incapacitated Warden as Jailbot shocks him with the collar around his neck, causing him to lose consciousness as Jailbot takes both away.

Arriving at the gates of Superjail, Jailbot looks at Jacknife and electrocutes him waking him up and causing him to start kicking the robot. Jailbot places Jacknife on the ground, removes his collar, and gives him permission to leave the prison as a touched Jacknife thanks him before running to off to cause more trouble. He places the Warden in his bed and goes off to save Jared who was being beaten by the prisoners for tampering with the bet's events. Jared states Jailbot should have let him die and bemoans that he'll always be a loser. Seeing his sad attitude, Jailbot cheers him up by giving him the stolen lottery ticket he took from Jacknife earlier in the episode. Jared is elated at having the money however, his joy is short-lived as Nicky appears and gives him the card which details the bet was about the Warden dressing up as Jailbot and getting beat up. He then takes Jared's lottery ticket as Jared curses his bad luck.


  • This is the third time in the series that Jacknife doesn't end up in Superjail during the whole episode.


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