Vital statistics
Role Compassionate Convict with a Heart of Fire
Gender Male
Voiced by Christopher McCulloch
In episode(s) Mr. Grumpy-Pants and Many Others

Ash Firin (said in "The Budding of the Warbuxx" by Paul, last name briefly visible in "Hot Chick")


The Ash is a severely-burned pyromaniac with a strange power over fire, as seen in the episode "Mr. Grumpy Pants". The CC, or, "Ash" as referenced in an [Adult Swim] bump, was working in the Superjail blast-furnace when he happened upon a little girl whom he mistakenly thought was named "Cancer" (Sahn-surr), due to her medical wrist bracelet from a hospital for terminally ill children.

It was revealed that Ash has a pathological fear of movies. It was in a movie theater that his father abandoned him, just prior to the fire that left Ash in his current state.

Due to Ash being a Pyromaniac, he can assume to have been put in Superjail for arson. All deaths within the show that he caused (pushing a man into a furnace and burning down the jail) involved fire. 

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Cancer - Ash is very protective over Cancer, and is heartbroken when she dies.

He has a big heart for children and likes to do tricks with fire such as burning his hands, lighting matches and letting the fire dance on the table[1] and making pictures by juggling fire matches.

The Warden   - The Warden describes Ash as a "Noble Soul." He also give Ash a VIP tour of the skies of Superjail, a free pony, and burns down his own jail to help Ash out when he is getting beat down by the other convicts. In exchange for his kindness, Ash teaches the Warden how to create fire out of nothing. After the events of "Superhell!" their friendship has ended.


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